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Summer 2019 at 701 CCA

When I found out I was going to be an intern at 701 CCA, I was incredibly excited for the opportunity as I'm finishing a degree in Fine Arts and had heard of this experience from a professor.Being able to work in an art gallery environment and assist with projects that aided in the organization’s marketing and outreach to the community has really been invaluable to me. 
Overall, I feel as though my time with 701 CCA was well spent and incredibly meaningful. From the start I was tasked with projects that directly impacted the organization and could see the fruit of my labors immediately, even small tasks I was happy to complete because I felt like everything I did had purpose. I would love to continue working in this field and investing in communities via arts nonprofits, and this internship has given me the skills and confidence to begin building this career.

-- Elizabeth McCaw

Summer Internship at 701 CCA

Summer Internship at 701 CCAMy summer spent interning with 701 Center for Contemporary Art has been a valuable learning experience. It was very rewarding to work with a nonprofit organization that emphasizes the importance of contemporary art and its role in the community. The ability to complete unique and wide-ranging projects within the organization is what I enjoyed most about the internship. It was exciting to be completing useful and necessary projects, rather than just busy-work. Throughout the internship, I have gained experience in many different fields relating to marketing, research, and gallery management. 

My marketing projects included press releases, social media marketing, graphic design, and website development. One of my favorite marketing projects was designing a new business card for 701 CCA and fliers for our youth summer camps, as it gave me the opportunity to utilize my photoshop skills for professional use. I also was able to improve my marketing writing skills …

Spring 2019 Internship

I was really happy to have the opportunity to work here as I had heard things about it from friends who volunteered for a long time. Being in the space and getting to work with the install and uninstall process was something that I was looking forward to the most and proved to be as rewarding of an experience as I hoped it would be. Getting to come in and help put up art by real recognized artists and meeting people in the arts community was something I wasn’t expecting to happen as much as it did. Actually being able to talk to these people doing this work professionally is something that helped me to appreciate just how much goes into these organizations and the process overall. Working here was also a good thing for my resume. Personally, it gave me time to create professional designs and to hone my skills with website design. Being able to be the one to redesign the 701 press packet, relatively soon to the time I started, was assuring that I would truly gain experience. I also go…