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My Winter Internship ExperienceIn all honesty I had no recollection of there ever being a 701CCA before I began interning here. In fact, I barely knew anything about the arts community in Columbia during my three years at USC -- surprising for a Media Arts major. Though had I not taken advantage of an extra credit opportunity for one of my classes last semester, I don't think I would have stumbled across this space, or the inspiring community that makes 701 so great. 
My first visit to 701 happened by chance -- I had been offered an extra credit assignment for my New Media Art class after reviewing installation art the week prior. My professor notified the class about an upcoming exhibition for the current artist in residence at that time (Brittany Watkins, an incredibly talented artist) being held that week and encouraged whoever was interested to attend. I decided that I had nothing better to do, and so my friend and I took up Professor Chi's offer on the chance to come and s…
Winter at 701 CCA
During the winter break of 18-19, I interned at 701 CCA. 
Hannah Shepard, being the only paid employee and the director, is the mom and the dad of the art center. Everything 701 CCA related is her baby, and I am so glad I could be a part of the journey during the two too-short months. 
There were a few things going on during this time period. The gallery was closed to the public for a period of time so that we could all deinstall the exhibiting items and put the new ones in. That was my favorite time. It was a process that transforms a space from telling one story to another. Mood and emotions changed as the objects, and even lightings changed. 
I had my best afternoon here in the gallery during that time. 
It was the first week of the new semester, and I was scheduled from 11-2. The installation was about 80 percent finished. During the shift there was plenty of physical and mental labor-- moving, painting and hanging objects around to follow Janet's aesthetics…

My time spent at the 701 CCA...

Hello! My name is Brianna, and this is the last week of my fall internship at the 701 Center for Contemporary Art and it has been an amazing ride! I’ll be finishing my BA in Art History this semester as well and when I was thinking about ways to start approaching my career, I realized I wanted hands on experience in a local gallery before I jumped right in. I thought this internship program would be the best fit because it’s a non-profit organization with a committed group of helpers and beautiful artworks. The environment at the 701 CCA made me feel comfortable with gallery guests, talking freely with them about art. The director Hannah and the volunteers really love their work here and having that kind of environment makes you want to participate to your best ability. I was so nervous when I first started, so unsure of how it was going to work out but at every turn I was pleasantly surprised. I'm a hands-on person and all the tasks available made things so exciting for me. I got …

Summer at 701 CCA

701 Center for Contemporary Art has been working nonstop all summer to create a series of fun, interactive, and educational experiences when it comes to the art world. 701 CCA held a concert, an artist talk, two receptions and exhibitions, and, by the end of the summer, held six kids workshops. This internship truly has been such an eye-opening experience, and each of us has gained so much knowledge in several areas in the art world. I never will take for granted just strolling into a gallery now and seeing all the artwork, and not appreciate all the labor that goes into how the artwork just "appears" there. This summer has been quite a whirlwind, but working for a nonprofit art gallery has truly been rewarding. I really have enjoyed knowing I have played a role, even if it may be a small one, in someone else's enjoyment, education, and entertainment. I hope the pictures below give you a small insight into the behind the scenes of our internship so far this summer.